Why Buying Products Locally Is Better

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Whether you’re buying a product from us here at Men’s Locker or you’re purchasing a t-shirt or watch or something from someone else, it makes sense to get your item from the country you live in. Okay, so sometimes that rare vinyl or piece of sports memorabilia can only be bought from some quirky old guy in Wisconsin or wherever. But if you’ve got the choice? Buy local.

And here are a few reasons why it make sense...

Quick delivery - Order from abroad and who knows how long it will take for you to receive your goods? The order has to be received, picked up, packed, sent to a port or dock, approved for shipment, shipped internationally, received, unloaded, sent to your local area and then delivered. Order from the country you live in, though? You’ll be opening the door to the postman in double quick time. As way of an example, we guaranteed delivery within just 48 hours here at Men’s Locker.

Cheap delivery - If you’re shipping a product around the world, it’s gonna cost, right? Right. And who normally foots the bill? That’s right, you. The customer. Or even if you technically don’t, the shipping costs gets absorbed into the overall product cost. So you end up paying one way or the other. Buy things from a nearby supplier, though? There are no costs to pass on. We don’t even charge for our delivery in South Africa, for example.

Convenient delivery - Products delivered from abroad are often received separately and at different times due to the understandably unpredictable nature of international shipping and the logistics involved. Order products and additional accessories that can be used together from us, though? They can be bundled up together to save time and make delivery nice and convenient for you.

It stimulates the local economy - So you’re buying something? Where would you rather that money went? China? India? To Donald Trump? Or would you sooner see that cash go back into the economy of the country you live in? Exactly.

You pay in your own currency - Buying from foreign suppliers or from local suppliers that are basically just middlemen who buy from abroad… It costs. Why? Well, exchange rates and conversion fees often come into play. Or you pay Euro or Dollar prices. And that’s rarely good for your bank balance.

Easier customer service and advice - If you ever encounter an issue when sourcing things from abroad, it can prove tricky to fix the problem. But if you buy locally? A quick phone call and you’re through to somewhere in your time zone, who speaks your language and the creases can get ironed out in no time at all.

Ease of return/warranty fulfillment - Let’s imagine that your issue goes further and you wish to return the goods you’ve bought for whatever reason. Sending your item(s) halfway across the world is neither easy nor cheap. Sure, you’d hope the company would reimburse you, but even if they do - you’ve still had to inconvenience yourself at the post office trying to work out how to send things to another continent.

Smaller carbon footprint - You don’t have to be a crazy hippy to prefer the idea of the world cutting pollution by sending less freight ships and airplanes about the place just to unnecessarily send items that can be sourced closer to home.

We don’t do it - Most (if not all) of our competitors order their products and accessories from abroad. And many don’t even keep things in stock. We do, though. Enlargers, rods kits, extenders, spares and accessories packs... You name it. We have it. So you won’t have to wait for us to order and receive something to then send it out to you. We’ve got it all good to go.

Pretty convincing, we’re sure you agree. So if you’re buying today - be it here with us or somewhere else - buy locally.

By the way, we’ve dozens of new products and accessories coming soon... We know you’re going to love them.

Last update: Sep 04, 2017


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