Have a look at our fantastic case study below, measured over 6 months.

He wore his device for 3 hours per day and had amazing results. We recommend 5 - 9 hours each day, so this just shows that consistent use also yields great results.

The more you wear it, the faster you will see the difference!

Testimonial from Tooi

Product: Men's Locker Premium
Date Purchased: 20th April 2017
Start Date: 20th April 2017
End Date: 18th October 2017

Starting and Ending Measurements

  Flacid Erect
  Start End Increase Start End Increase
Length 14.0 cm 15.5 cm 1.5 cm / 10.7% 17.0 cm 18.8.0 cm 1.8 cm / 10.6%
Girth 4.0 cm 6.0 cm 2.0 cm / 50.0% 6.0 cm 7.3.0 cm 1.3 cm / 21.7%

Month by Month

      Flacid Erect
Month Days Worn Hours Per Day Length Girth Length Girth
1 Every day 3 14.0 cm 4.0 cm 17.0 cm 6.0 cm
2 Every day 3 14.5 cm 4.3 cm 17.5 cm 6.6 cm
3 Every day 3 15.0 cm 4.6 cm 18.3 cm 7.0 cm
4 Every day 3 15.2 cm 5.2 cm 18.5 cm 7.2 cm
5 Every day 3 15.5 cm 6.0 cm 18.8 cm 7.3 cm

Length Girth

Overall Comments

I only wore my device for 3 hours per day and got great results. I would definitely recommend this for other guys with the same problem as me.

Advice to Others

This process has really spiced up our love life in a way that nothing else has come close to. My girlfirend really loves it. and it makes me want to wear it even more! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a little extra size.

Comments About Men's Locker

Thank you Men's Locker. for the great product. but also for the after sales service. I broke one of the hexagonal pieces. and didn’t have any problems ordering a new part. You were always available and willing to give advice when needed.

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