How Traction Penis Enlargement Works

If, like many other men, you're not entirely satisfied with the length, girth or shape of your penis, you've probably wondered what options are available to you. Up until now, your two main choices have either been to suffer in silence and let the issue impact on your self-confidence and personal life, or to get ripped off buying little blue pills from less-than-reputable sources. Thankfully, all that's now changed. New devices, clinically proven to increase the size of your penis, have been designed and tested and are now commercially available. And you can get them here!

What is a penis extender?

Put simply, a penis extender is any device which can extend the length or increase the girth of the male phallus. For years now, penis pumps have been on the market, disappointing their owners with the discomfort they can cause and their annoyingly temporary results. Alternative extending equipment such as that found with clamping and weight-hanging techniques have also failed men across the world with flawed science, poor design and manufacture and the very real risk of serious personal injury. The only other alternative has been the much more serious, expensive and potentially dangerous surgery route; an option which can only offer slight improvements in penis length (no surgical procedure as yet can guarantee to increase penis width). Thankfully, recent medical and design breakthroughs have seen a new type of penis extension help men achieve their size goals across the world... Penis traction.

What is penis traction and how does it work?

Penis Extension Device An example of a traction-based penis
extender in action

Penis traction is the brand new, scientifically proven method of promoting growth using an organic medical process known as 'cytokinesis', or cell division. A steady and subtle tension is put on the penis by a specially-designed, safe and pain-free device which stretches the individual cells of the penis, causing those cells to divide and overall penis tissue mass to increase. Muscle-bound weight-lifters show us a good example of how traction-based cell growth works when they flex their biceps. Tension and stress has been applied to the cells of the muscle each time they work on them, stretching the cells until they divide and mass is increased. Penis traction relies on exactly the same principle to noticeably increase the length and width of your manhood. It doesn't interfere with the body's natural rhythm and inclination - it works with it. The human body has a natural propensity to grow, throughout our lives. Traction just promotes their innate instinct.

The very latest studies in the area indicate that traction is proven to increase cellular division because it suppresses a chemical inhibitor in the body which attempts to stop cellular multiplication. Under traction, the penis' vascular vessels, urethra, corpus cavernosum and spongiosum, cutaneous cover, muscle and fasciae are all subject to growth. For those of you out there that aren't medical doctors or fluent speakers of Latin, put simply - our range of penis enlargers do just that - they enlarge your penis!

Men's Locker, JES Extender and Male Edge extenders, with their traction-based systems produce subtle microscopic and macroscopic changes in the penis. When the cells divide, producing more tissue and ultimately, a larger penis, the effect is ever-lasting. So unlike the penis pumps you may have bought and thrown away, there's no disheartening temporary effect.

Cell Division

So there you have it, something that finally works. If you're considering getting a bit of extra size, the earlier you start, the sooner you're going to be able to show off your new longer, thicker penis!

Millions have tried it and are currently reaping the rewards, so really, what are you waiting for?

Choose from one of our best-selling penis extenders, follow the simple online checkout process and you'll be one step closer to a bigger, better you!


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