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Why we DON'T sell pills or creams

Here at Men’s Locker we don’t sell pills or creams. We sell traction devices. Why? Well, because we’re in the penis enlargement industry. It’s our job to provide men with all the tools they need in order to increase both the length and girth of their erections. Tools that actually work.

We’re not here to make money shifting useless and potentially even dangerous tablets or lotions. We’ll leave that to the shysters that fill up everyone’s Spam folders.

Put simply, penis enlargement pills and creams do not work. Traction is the only thing that’s proven to work in the long term. That’s why we do what we do.


What is penis shrinkage and how it can it be avoided?

Bodies change. It’s what they do. They grow, they adapt, they move around, they get smaller. Every stage of life sees physical change in a human body: birth, childhood, puberty, adulthood, old age, death…

Some of the changes are seen as positive (a growth spurt in adolescence, for example). While others are viewed more negatively (wrinkling of the skin in later life). One thing they all have in common, though? They’re all perfectly natural.

That goes for penis shrinkage too.

It’s not a nice phrase, is it? ‘Penis shrinkage’. The genitals are often a focal point physically and psychologically for men. Most men will - at...

Traction-based Penis Enlargement - what are you worried about?

As you’ve found yourself on our website and reading this blog, you’ll no doubt be curious about traction-based penis enlargement. Chances are you’ve asked yourself at one point or another, ‘how can I enlarge my penis?’ Don’t worry, you’re not alone. There are millions of men like you out there asking themselves the same question.

Trust us. We wouldn’t be here if you were the only one.

As you’re probably more than aware, the internet is rammed full of scams, bad deals and downright nasty stuff. Trying to find a legitimate penis enlargement solution can be a daunting task, what with the sheer amount of unscrupulous...

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Can pills or creams really work?

Let’s start this off by saying that when we talk about ‘penis enlargement pills’, we’re not referring to the rather temporary enlargement that you get with pills like Viagra or Cialis, okay? We’re talking about the kinds of pill you see advertised in your spam folder. The kind that promises permanent enhancement to the size of your penis.

Okay, that little disclaimer out of the way, we can get down to business. The point of this little rant here is nice and simple - we want to shout this nice and loud:


What do you mean they don’t work???

Penis enlargement surgery has been shown...

The Science Behind Traction-Based Penis Enlargement

If you’re looking to add extra inches to the length and/or girth of your penis, you’ll be looking at a range of options. There are all sorts of pills and creams that you can choose from, none of which have ever been proven to boost penis length long term. Another option is penis enlargement surgery. A risky and invasive option with no guarantees of success, either.

And then there’s penis traction. A safe method with proven results. There’s no pain, no surgery and no weird chemicals going through your kidneys. You fit a specially-designed device over your genitals and apply a small but steady stretch of the penis shaft. Keep to...

Men with Peyronie's Disease are 43% more likely to contract cancer

The human penis comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. And if a man is unhappy with the size or appearance of his, then it’s perfectly understandable when he decides to research what can be done about it. Most inquisitive men who find themselves tempted to undergo a medical procedure or try traction do so for size reasons. They want a bigger member. It’s all about penis enlargement. But for other guys, it’s all about the shape. Specifically, how straight their erection is.

Across the world, between 5-10% of all men suffer from an affliction known as Peyronie’s disease. It’s a connective tissue disorder which causes curvature...

The Fake Surgeons That Are Botching Penis Enlargement Surgeries Across the World

Men all over the world have hang-ups, worries and issues about the size of their penis. It’s perfectly natural and quite common. For some men it’s a psychological thing, but for many others their concerns stem from a very real problem with their size. Some men let their problem eat them up, others make the right choice to try traction-based penis enlargement solutions. Some waste their time and money on pills and creams. But some go under the knife…

Penis enlargement surgery is potentially a really quite dangerous business. All surgery has its risks, of course. But for a procedure which has never really proven itself particularly...

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Does traction REALLY work?

Major news outlets across the world are reporting on a new study by the University of Turin which proves that traction really does work. There are lots of different options available on the market for any man looking to enlarge his penis. But the results of these different techniques can vary. Sometimes greatly. Some options just plain don’t offer very good results, while other ‘solutions’ are just downright rip-offs. Or even dangerous.

But traction? It works. But then we would say that, wouldn’t we? So don’t just take our word for it - why not listen to the good folk over at the University of Turin? Recent research carried...

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