I'm not really sure which product to buy?

We completely understand, as there are so many choices. Please click here for additional information, or have a look at our Buyer's Guide to assist you with this process. Please also feel free to contact us for any additional information.

Are there any side effects?

Traction is a completely natural process which triggers a growth response resulting in the development of millions of new tissue cells, causing an extension in penis length and width. In a minimal number of users, there can be an initial aching around the penis and groin, similar to growing pains, but this settles after a while. We do not use any medications, and do not recommend any pills or creams to assist the process, so there are no negative side effects.

Pills and creams have LOADS of side effects - have a look at our video on why we do not sell them.

Can I use a cream or pill to speed up results?

We have not found any pills or creams that will assist in any way. We do however suggest some comfort accessories that will make it easier to wear your device for longer periods of time, meaning that you should see results faster. We also do keep sets of higher tension springs, and these can definitely assist in speeding up your progress.

I’m really looking for pills or creams, don’t you stock them?

Please note that we only sell traction devices, as we have found that they are the only product to give proper and permanent results. Pills and creams can also have dangerous side effects. Click here to have a look at our article on the problems associated with creams and pills and our video on all the side effects and why we just do not sell them.

What's the difference between the Men's Locker Premium and the Jes Titanium?

They are actually very similar products. They both give great results and have lifetime warranties.

Jes is a Danmark-based company and we do our best to keep accessories and spares in stock, but cannot guarantee that we have stock of everything. The Men's Locker range is our own and we always have stock of all of the spares, accessories and extras. We can also keep the prices of the Men's Locker range lower as we are South African.

We also try to include as many accessories with our products, to make them the best value for money. If you compare the two, you will see that the Men's Locker Premium comes with a LOT more accessories than the Jes, and we have an amazing support team in case you need anything else,

We also have a great YouTube channel where you can watch videos of how to use all of our products and accessories.

Do you sell the Proextender?

We no longer offer the ProExtender penis enhancement device. It’s not something we want to offer to our customers as we’re not convinced it stacks up against our current available range.

Here at Men’s Locker we sell our own original products as well as famous brands like the JES Extender (Original, Titanium, Gold and Platinum). We think that’s a range that offers everything and that they’re the top products on the market.

Why do I need a Warranty?

If you need to replace a part after the standard warranty expires, you'll have to pay to get it fixed. If you buy the extended warranty like we recommend, all the repairs/replacements will be made at no additional cost to you. Please click here for more information on our standard warranties.

What are your products made from

All of the Men's Locker products are made from BPA Free POM (Polyoxymethylene) plastic. The metal arms and extension rods are made from Medical Brass, with the Premium being plated with 18-22 carat gold. The 0.5 cm extension pieces are all made from aluminium, so everything is safe to use.

What are the banking details?

Please see the How To Order section for all the payment info. Ordering online is the simplest, quickest option. 

Can I pay over 3 months?

We do have some customers who choose to pay in 2 or 3 monthly instalments. Please note that we will only send the order out once it has been paid for in full. Please see the How To Order section for all the payment info. Ordering online is the simplest, quickest option.

If I continue to use it after 6 months, will I still get results?

Yes, our studies are done over a minimum period of 5 to 6 months, but we do have some clients who wear the device for 8 months or even longer, and do see more gains. Please click here to have a look at a case study we have done. We do recommend 5 - 9 hours, but as you can see, consistent use yields results as well.

Which is better – the strap or the tube?

The results are the same with either one, it really depends on which fits you better. The fit depends on your body’s specific anatomy – this is why we include both with all of our products.

The more comfortable the device, the longer you will be able to wear it, and the faster you will see results. Click here for a video on how to use both.

How do I adjust the tension with the Handscrews?

This mechanism is actually quite simple to operate once you understand the principle. Please have a look at our video by clicking here. It’s much easier to understand when you see a demonstration.

Basically, how does it work?

It works on the principle of cell stretching and division. Much like how going to the gym increases your muscle strength and size. If you think about it, if you're working out your bicep using a dumb-bell, your muscles get longer, firmer and thicker. This is the exact same process that traction penis extenders use! Find out more here.

We have a great video that shows how to fit the device that you also might find useful. Click here to watch it.

How do I get one?

You can buy directly through our products page, using your credit card and the Paypal option, by clicking there and adding your choice to your cart and checking out. Alternatively you can order with us directly and pay with an EFT or cash payment at the bank. We use couriers, as well as Postnet and Post Office to deliver packages, depending on your location and choice. You can also purchase from our wide range of retail partners throughout South Africa - click here to locate your nearest store.

We do also have a list of reputable physical stores (including leading pharmacies) around South Africa that retail the Men’s Locker range. Please click here to find the closest one to you.

How much will my penis grow?

Using our penis extender, men can potentially increase their penis size by 28% in length (roughly 4 cm on average) and 19% in girth (roughly 1.5 cm on average). Result may vary from person to person depending on your body type. Your growth may be slightly different for any number of reasons including original length/girth, usage and the rate of cytokinesis in your body. Have a look at our case study here. You can also see the results of various medical journal studies here.

How long must I wear the device for?

Between 4 (have a break after 3 hour maximum) and 9 hours a day for up to 6 months depending on your goals. It can be comfortably worn under loose fitting trousers during the day.

How many hours a day can I wear the device for?

Initially, there will be a break-in period (approximately 1 hour a day), thereafter the time worn is gradually ramped up whereafter you may wear it as long as its comfortable. NB, ensure to take a break every 3 hours to allow your penis to relax. lightly massage the penis during this time.

Is it completely safe to use the traction device?

Avoid using the device in the following circumstances:

  • Do not use the device if you are drunk.
  • Do not use the device if you are taking painkillers or diazepam (Valium).
  • Do not use if the penis has wounds, ulcers or infections.
  • Do not use if the penis has pain, numbness or contusions.
  • Do not wear the device for more than 3 hours at a time.

Can I wear a penis extender at work and while I sleep?

Extenders can be worn under boxer shorts, which means you can comfortably wear it at work (as long as you have a non-physical job). You can also wear it at night, although people who twist and turn while sleeping sometimes find this more difficult. However you should not wear it for more than 3 hours at a time so you might want to set an alarm clock.

How long can I continue using a penis enlarger?

You can wear the a penis enlargement device for as long as you like – and it will continue to increase your penis size for as long as you wear it. Obviously, as with gym, the gains slow down after the initial growth period.

Is there a fixed treatment pattern?

No. Because penis growth depends on the total number of hours you wear the extender for. You can wear it for 6 hours a day over 12 months or 12 hours a day over 6 months and receive very similar results.

Do I need to be a certain length or thickness to use an extender?

No, we cater for penises of all proportions, circumcised or uncircumcised. If you're smaller than 4cm in length (flaccid) then please contact us to discuss your options.

Do I need to contact a medical practitioner before using an extender?

No, not under normal circumstances. Our simple instruction manuals explain exactly how to use our safe, comfortable penis enlargement devices.

Will I get different results with different extenders?

No. All penis extenders are based on the same principle of traction. You control your growth by the number of hours a day you wear the device for. The reason some extenders are more expensive than others is mostly due to the spares, extras and accessories that come with the different products - you want to have enough comfort items to be able to comforably wear the device regularly, and for the desired number of hours. Our Supreme kits and comfort accessories assist in this regard, and allow you to see your results faster.

My Extender didn't come with the manual or CD. What should I do?

Don't worry, you can click this link to download the various DVD's and manuals. Alternatively, you can also visit our YouTube channel MenslockerTV by clicking here. We have lots of helpful videos that will assist you.

What must I do if I find the blood flow is being restricted to the head?

Loosen the strap and ensure constant blood flow at all times. The cohesive gauze really helps the strap grip the shaft which means the strap can be looser yet the head doesn’t slip out. The cohesive gauze can be used with the JES Extender and Men's Locker penis extenders.

Where do you ship to?

We ship all orders over R500 for FREE nationwide in South Africa using couriers, Postnet or the Post Office.  We also ship to a range of other countries in Africa.

Do I have to assemble the unit and will the instructions show me how to use the extender?

All units come pre-assembled to make it as easy as possible to start your enlargement program. Instructions are also provided. In addition, the many resources on our website will show you how simple our penis extenders are to use. We are also at the end of an email or phone call should you need any information or advice.

I am older than 65 years, will the device work for me?

While we can't guarantee anything because it depends on many factors at this age, we do have customers as old as 70 using our penis enlargers with good results. Note that it also increases bloodflow in the area which usually means stronger, longer erections!

Which product is right for me?

Men’s Locker sells 2 main brands, namely: our own Men's Locker brand and JES Extender. There is no "best" product and it comes down to your budget, personal taste and number of accessories included. Every product is covered by at least a 1 year warranty and are all very effective so, whatever you choose, you’ll be more than satisfied. Our best sellers are the Men's Locker Original (solid & cost effective), Men's Locker Premium and JES Titanium (great quality & style).

We highly recommend the Men's Locker Premium (Gold plated with all the bells and whistles) because it’s stylish, comes with every single accessory you’ll ever need and is cost effective considering all the added benefits.

How long can I expect results in?

Following the correct routine, after about 1.5 months, you should start seeing noticeable results. Although some customers do notice effects after 2 weeks and the dedicated ones report great results of 1cm after only the first month! Click here to have a look at a case study. We do recommend 5 - 9 hours per day, but as you can see, consistent use also shows good results.

Can I use the device if I'm circumcised?


What happens in the case of an erection whilst the device is being worn?

The device will adjust to the given erection angle or just glides off smoothly to be applied again.

Basically, what is Peyronie's Disease?

Curvature of the penis, which leads to uncomfortable sex and potential embarrassment in the locker room. All our penis enlargers assist with reducing the degree of curvature whilst simultaneously increasing length and girth.

Do traction devices work in the case of a curved penis?

Penis traction has proved effective at reducing the effects of Peyronie's disease. For slight curvature, all our penis enlargers will assist with straightening.

Good results are obtained when combined with Vitamin E tablets and Vitamin E Oil

What is the average penis size?

The average size whilst flaccid is roughly 7-10 cm in length and 14-16cm when erect.

What is penis girth?

It is basically the thickness of the penis and is measured by taking the circumference of the penis at the largest section.

How old do I have to be to wear a penile traction device?

It is recommended that only people over the age of 20 years should wear the device as this is usually when the penis has stopped growing naturally.

Will the enlargement mean 'weaker' erections?

No, in-fact most users report stronger erections due to increased cell activity and blood flow. Some older gentlemen use the device purely for this purpose.

Will it affect the veins in my penis?

You should not see any noticeable change to veins in your penis.

Will it be uncomfortable due to the period I must wear it?

The devices have been designed to be as comfortable as possible and use soft foam pads and silicone straps to gently hold the penis. The device is only worn for a maximum of 3 hours a time to limit discomfort. Furthermore, the only other effective method of penis enlargement is surgery, which we can assure you is very painful. We do also sell a range of comfort items to assist you with wearing your device for longer periods, and so seeing your results faster. Please have a look at our Accessories page for more information.

What kind of payment options do you offer?

We accept all forms of payment including credit cards, EFT, PayPal, bank transfers and cash payments via your bank. Please see the How To Order section for all the info. Ordering online is the simplest, quickest option. You can also purchase from our range of retail partners throughout South Africa.

Do you offer credit?

We do not offer credit at this time, but are looking for ways to bring this service to you soon.

I have lots of excess skin, which device is best for me?

Choose the Men's Locker penis enlargers because they come with two different kinds of straps (one thick and one thin). With these two securing options, you should find the one that’s most suitable for you. The wider straps from the other brands have been known to be more prone to pinching.

What is the minimum penis size I must be to wear an extender?

For our range of regular extenders you should be at least 5 cm flaccid (roughly 8 cm erect). If you are smaller than this, please have a look at the Men's Locker Mini, specifically designed for men under 5 cm in flaccid length. You are also welcome to contact us to discuss your options.

Which device gives me faster results?

All devices work on the same principle, if you want to achieve faster results, then you must simply wear the device for more hours during the day.

What is the success rate of the devices?

According to medical studies, the success rate is around 97.5%. Read the medical journal results here.

What is the cohesive gauze for and how is it fitted?

It is wrapped around the shaft of the penis and then the rubber strap is applied. You can also fit the protection pad first and then wrap the gauze around that. It is used for extra traction so that the rubber strap does not slip off the penis so you don't have to tighten it as much. Please click here for a video demonstrating how it is used.

Can I have sex during the treatment?

Yes certainly, just remove the device and re-apply it at a later stage. In fact most users report an increase in sexual drive, strength and performance due to increased cell activity in the area.

Can I urinate with the device on?

You will have to simply loosen the strap whilst urinating and then re-apply afterwards. Trust us, the gains far outweigh any inconvenience it may cause you!


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