Growers vs. Showers

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This might be a bit of a personal question, but we’ll ask it anyway… Are you a grower or a shower? Or maybe you’re neither. It doesn’t matter which of the three categories you might find yourself in, you’re probably not 100% happy with the size of your penis. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. A lot of men are unsatisfied.

If you’re a grower then it might be that you are a little embarrassed about the size of your flaccid penis. Then again, if you’re a shower, you might be annoyed that your member only gets harder and not really any bigger. And if you’re neither? Well, it can painful all round. The worst of both worlds. Still, at least you’ve found yourself here at Men’s Locker. And the good news is? As penis enlargement specialists, we can help.

But what’s behind the difference? Why are some guy’s packing heat when unaroused and others stashing away much more modest equipment? Well, it’s all down to genetics. Professional urologists who have conducted research into the area are quick to point out that the size of a man’s unerect penis is often unconnected to the length and girth of his erection.

It really is just the luck of the genetic draw whether you have a resting size that’s enviable in the locker room or not. But however it appears in the showers, it doesn’t indicate your size at full mast.

Dr. Tobias Kohler, a consultant urologist, sums it up nice and simply this way: “Flaccid penile length doesn't correlate with erect penile length.”

Let’s talk numbers quickly. Fractions. Percentages. What number of guys are growers? And what number showers? Well, It’s around four out of five guys that are growers. 79%, in fact. So only around a fifth of men naturally have an impressive-looking package when soft.

Further research has indicated that there are ways to boost the appearance of your ‘grower’. A healthy diet that encourages blood flow can assist. Another professional urologist, Dr. Alex Shteynshlyuger theorises that certain cuisines can help…

“If you keep a healthy diet, like a Mediterranean diet, the blood supply to your penis as well as to the other organs is better and there is less damage and to some degree can prevent the aging more.”

So olive oil, tomatoes, cured meats, fresh vegetables… It’s worth a go. If your penis doesn’t thank you, your heart will.

So we’ve heard about there not being a correlation or relationship between flaccid and erect sizes. But what about that old maxim ‘use it or lose it’? Is it true that if you’re go a long time being sexaully inactive, that that might affect your size down there? Well, the evidence points to ‘yes’. Surprisingly enough.

Dr. Shteynshlyuger can help us out here again, "If you aren’t using it for whatever reason, there may be changes in the penis that can become permanent. It’s possible that using it can keep it healthier."

So sex is a good workout. But then we knew that anyway. The thing is, it doesn’t have to just be sex. Masturbation may help. As can traction-based enlargement technology. Which is where we come in. So why not take a look at some of our product range and see how we can help you ‘show’ and ‘grow’ a little more...

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