The Fake Surgeons That Are Botching Penis Enlargement Surgeries Across the World

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Men all over the world have hang-ups, worries and issues about the size of their penis. It’s perfectly natural and quite common. For some men it’s a psychological thing, but for many others their concerns stem from a very real problem with their size. Some men let their problem eat them up, others make the right choice to try traction-based penis enlargement solutions. Some waste their time and money on pills and creams. But some go under the knife…

Penis enlargement surgery is potentially a really quite dangerous business. All surgery has its risks, of course. But for a procedure which has never really proven itself particularly effective, it’s particularly perilous. Routine surgeries carried out by qualified professionals can go wrong. But for the men who seek cut-price operations on their genitals by fake doctors, the  associated risks are very real indeed. It’s a serious, serious issue.

Let’s start with the hazards of a routine penile enlargement procedure. Even with expensive plastic surgeons, the surgery can go wrong. A man in Sweden died recently after fat particles that were being injected into his penis caused a pulmonary embolism. The fat got into his blood after a autologous fat transfer from his buttocks. The fat particles then travelled up to his lungs and caused arterial blockages, eventually causing the poor man’s death.

And that happened in a hospital, during a procedure carried out by a fully-trained and competent surgeon. Imagine the various complications and worse that can happen when such surgeries are performed by unscrupulous doctors that are unqualified and even unlicensed. 

A recent case from the USA highlights the severity of the issue. Currently spending 44 months in a federal jail for practicing medicine without a licence, South Florida resident Mark Schreiber has spent decades operating on men in dingy motel rooms and rented warehouse spaces.

On release from jail, he is due to pay $145,000 to one victim who has life-changing injuries due to some badly botched surgery. 

Details of one surgery-gone-wrong are particularly grim. The patient went home after the procedure. When he regained consciousness, he found that he had 'blood-soaked bandages everywhere' and that his penis had been ‘absolutely mutilated,' according to court documents filed by the man. The victim then sent photos of his bleeding and painful genitals to Schreiber via text message.

“At that point, rather than referring that gentleman to a hospital, he recommended to take two popsicle sticks and tie his penis together and wait for swelling to go down,” prosecutors said at the hearing.

South Florida is a hub for these kinds of cheap, rushed and poorly-carried out ‘enhancements’. But these kinds of surgeries happen all across the world, every day. From Europe to the Far East, Australia to South Africa. Cheap and easy-to-arrange penis enlargement surgeries might seem tempting, but there really are to be avoided at all costs. There are far simpler, less invasive and much, much safer ways to grow in size and confidence. And you can find most of them on our Products page.

Last update: Oct 20, 2017


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