The Science Behind Traction-Based Penis Enlargement

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If you’re looking to add extra inches to the length and/or girth of your penis, you’ll be looking at a range of options. There are all sorts of pills and creams that you can choose from, none of which have ever been proven to boost penis length long term. Another option is penis enlargement surgery. A risky and invasive option with no guarantees of success, either.

And then there’s penis traction. A safe method with proven results. There’s no pain, no surgery and no weird chemicals going through your kidneys. You fit a specially-designed device over your genitals and apply a small but steady stretch of the penis shaft. Keep to the recommended times and frequencies of applying traction to the penis and you will see results. But what’s the actual science involved in the process? 

Well, let us explain it to you in a little more detail...

How does traction-based penis enlargement work?

Good question. The science behind traction isn’t actually all that complex. As you may well know, the human body - like all living things - is made up of countless tiny cells. So it stands to reason that the male member is too. Stretching any stretchable part of the body eventually causes two processes known as ‘mitosis’ (the beginning of cell separation) and ‘cytokinesis’ (the actual cell division). The cells eventually divide and multiple, stimulating growth of that area. Cell division promotes tissue growth. In other words, stretching a part of your body steadily over time makes it bigger…

It’s not just more skin that’s growing though, is it?

Nope! We can see why you might think that, though. But it isn’t just skin cells that multiple. So you won’t be left with the same size penis but double the foreskin or skin around the shaft. The sponge-like tissue that’s full of blood vessels which makes up a great deal of the ‘inside’ of the penis (known as the corpus cavernosum) also experiences cell division due to the traction. The number of blood vessels increase, the bigger your erection potential. So it’s definitely not just skin that traction increases.

So the whole thing grows in proportion?

Absolutely. The vascular vessels, the skin, the corpus cavernosum and spongiosum, the urethra, cutaneous cover and muscle are all promoted to grow. And all to scale. Because this proliferation in cells and growth takes place throughout the entire penis, you see an increase in overall size in both the length and girth of your penis.

Is there a precedent for this kind of thing in the human body?

Yes there is. You can think about it in a very basic way and compare the process to ‘tunnelling’, the ear hole stretching seen in the body modification community. Or with lip plates in some African and Amazonian tribes. But a better way to thinking of how traction increases size is to consider it a type of exercise. And compare the increase in penis size with traction to that of the bicep muscles in a weightlifter. Or the lung capacity in a long distance runner.

I’ve heard that traction causes tears in the penis

It does. But it’s not something that you need be concerned with. The tears are microscopic and completely pain free. The tears are essential to the process. Only without the tearing, the mitosis and cytokinesis cannot take place. You won’t feel the tears and they aren’t visible.

Obviously, the science involved in traction-based penis enlargement is a tiny bit more involved than how we’ve explained it here, but we’ve covered the basics of the science and hopefully we’ve answered a few questions you might have had and put your mind to rest a little.

If you’d like to know more, please feel free to explore the rest of our site or contact us.

Last update: Nov 23, 2017


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