5 Things Women Look For in a 'Long-Term' Partner'

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As men, you'll probably be fully aware by now that the fairer sex are a fairly enigmatic species. But while we're often left perplexed by them and their mysterious ways, there are some basic things that almost all women have in common. While some ladies might like a hulking beefcake, others might opt for hair-gelled pretty boys. Some don't mind what you look like at all (which is great news for some of us, eh?!). Some ladies might like their man to be the life and soul of the party, while others are more keen of the strong, silent type – the rugged old school man. There are some core qualities however, that you definitely need if you want women to look at you as 'long term' potential. Let's run through the most important now, shall we...?

Sense of humour – You hear it so often, it's almost become a cliché, hasn't it? 'Must have a good sense of humour'. But it's true. Funny guys have a real advantage. If you're not a natural clown, don't try and force it – that's worse than not being funny at all. Unfortunately, this is one of the traits that can't really be contrived. Long-term relationships will see their fair share of hard times, so it's important to be able to be lighten things up when you need to. If you've got a self-deprecating sense of humour, that shows that you're not conceited. She's not going to want to introduce an arrogant man to anyone, is she?

Honesty – Trust is key to both parties in a pairing – especially one that's going to last. She needs to be able to rely on you to be fully open and honest about all areas of your life. Sure, there's always room for the odd white lie (like the classic, 'of course you look lovely in that dress!'), but you need to stay as lie-free as possible. Keep up the honesty and you'll win her trust. Do that and you're set!

Loyalty - It goes without saying that constant cheating isn't something women look for in a long term relationship, so fidelity is vital. But loyalty extends further than just being a one woman man. You need to be loyal in general. She needs to know that you've got her back at all times. You'll side with her no matter what. Even if you don't really agree with her! In fact, especially then...

Intelligence – Being able to hold a decent conversation is of course, a must. If you can go one better and be insightful and witty and creative – even better. Be smart, she'll love it. Don't be a jerk about it though. Don't show off, don't patronise. Don't worry if you're not the sharpest tool in the box though, you don't need to have a Stephen Hawking mind. Intelligence isn't just long words and scientific equations. Social and emotional intelligence is just as useful. Being able to read social situations and understand people's feelings is an under-rated but extremely important skill.

Wealth / Ambition – Let's get this out of the way straight away – we're not implying that all women are gold-digging money-grabbers. Not at all! What we would say though is that they do look for reliability and for a man to be able to take care of them if needed. And money can come into that. Money can definitely come into that. Plus, who doesn't want to go on luxurious holidays in far-flung lands? But don't get blue if your pockets are overflowing with currency. It's not just millionaires that get married... You can substitute cash for ambition. If you're going places or have a big idea you're planning to follow up on – that's just as attractive a feature.

So there you are. Now this isn't an exclusive list, but it's a pretty good starter. If you're unsure about what your lady thinks, just ask!

Last update: Aug 20, 2012


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