How Your Package Can Affect Your Self Confidence

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Let's not kid ourselves, us men are an egotistical bunch. We're driven by our status, social standing and how other people see us. It may not be something to be particularly proud of, but we all care what others think of us. Especially women. There's lot of different things we're judged on: our jobs, our personalities, our cars, clothes, sense of humour, physique, you name it... Our packages? More than likely. Whether we actually are judged by women (or even other guys in the gym showers) or not, if you think your penis just doesn't measure up, then chances are that those negative feelings will leak into your overall self-confidence.

Not believing that you have everything you should have in the bedroom is undoubtedly going to play on your mind. Pre-occupation during sex is definitely not helpful. Insecurity about your size could well result in the kind of distraction that could lead to impaired sexual performance. Once your sex life is affected for the worse, it's going to affect your relationships and attitude when talking to the opposite sex. After all, if you're concerned about what will happen once the lights are dimmed and the Barry White album's on, you're unlikely to come across as the relaxed and charming character that you normally might...

If you play any team sports or head down the gym on a semi-regular basis and worry about how you shape up to other men by comparison, you'll end up being quite sheepish about being naked if front of the other chaps. This could lead to jokes and teasing by your mates and while it's all in good spirits, it'll be difficult to ignore. Even if no one's seen you fully naked and passed judgement, your obvious shyness might well be noted and pointed out.

Even with your clothes on, the size of your penis could play on your mind. There's an obvious link between a man's masculinity and his genitals. If you think you're smaller than other men, it can be easy to just assume that you're not as much of a man as them. Now, obviously – this is patently not the case, but how can you scrub the thought from your mind? If you worry about your package, can you guarantee that the next time you go for a job interview and sit alongside three other men in the waiting room, at the back of your mind you won't be feeling inferior?

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