Traction-based Penis Enlargement - what are you worried about?

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As you’ve found yourself on our website and reading this blog, you’ll no doubt be curious about traction-based penis enlargement. Chances are you’ve asked yourself at one point or another, ‘how can I enlarge my penis?’ Don’t worry, you’re not alone. There are millions of men like you out there asking themselves the same question.

Trust us. We wouldn’t be here if you were the only one.

As you’re probably more than aware, the internet is rammed full of scams, bad deals and downright nasty stuff. Trying to find a legitimate penis enlargement solution can be a daunting task, what with the sheer amount of unscrupulous blue pill providers and con artists operating out there.

As we - and medical experts across the world - have explained in the past, permanent penis enlargement is possible. Through surgery and through traction. Surgery works but it’s not without its many disadvantages. Traction really is your best option.

But there’s something holding you back, isn’t there? A nagging feeling at the back of your mind. It’s okay, every one of our customers will have had the same thoughts as you. It’s natural. But there really is nothing to be concerned with.

Let’s tackle a few of the issues that may be laying heavy on your mind about traction...

You’re worried it’ll hurt
This is an entirely understandable thing to be concerned about. Looking after our health and wellbeing is paramount for us all. And we get it. The devices used in traction can look slightly intimidating. And when you’ve need seen or used one before? Well, you’re going to show more than a little trepidation to begin with.

But there really is nothing to worry about. Traction is entirely pain free. We have never heard of any of our customers complaining that they felt anything near pain using any of our devices.

Okay, no pain. But surely it’s massively uncomfortable, right?
Again, this isn’t something to worry about. Certainly, you’re conscious that the device is ‘on’ for the first few times you wear it. But the discomfort comes from just getting used to having it fitted and working out how you can wear it in trousers.

As for actual physical discomfort, though? Not at all. You’ll soon get used to wearing the traction device and barely even notice it’s on. The process of cytokinesis that actually stimulates penis growth is such a gradual process that it goes unnoticed by the user.

You’re just slightly embarrassed about the whole thing...
Again, we understand. It’s not the coolest thing in the world, is it? But you don’t have to announce your traction device use to the world. You can wear it privately at home, with total discretion. It may embarrass you slightly to begin with, but it will soon become a natural thing and, ultimately, the results will far outweigh any negative feelings about using it.

You just aren’t sure it actually works
The web is full of lies about how you can ‘add inches’ to the size of your member. So a healthy scepticism is encouraged here. You should definitely do as much research as you can and read up as much as possible into these things.

It all boils down to science, at the end of the day. If medical professionals have come out to back something - you can be fairly sure you’re on the right track. And traction-based enlargement has scientific backing. It works.

And it’s not just the skin that grows. We’ve heard some people express concerns about that. It’s the whole penis. And it grows to scale too. So you need not concern yourself about that, either.

We hope we’ve put your mind at ease somewhat here. And if you’re tempted to give traction a try, but you’re still a little concerned about something, why not get in touch with us? You can contact us here. We’d love to help!

Last update: Feb 09, 2018


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