The Importance of Buying From a Reputable Seller

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Here at Men’s Locker we fix problems. You know the kind of problems we fix. And we do so via our range of tested and guaranteed products. Our penis enlargement solutions have helped thousands of men across the world extend the length and girth of their members. Those men have bought our traction-based systems safe in the knowledge that we’re a legitimate firm that are so confident in our products that we offer double money back guarantees.

But unfortunately for you - the customer - we’re in the minority here. Penis enlargement retailers can often be unscrupulous and offer none of the protection or quality assurances that we do.

Years in the trade have proven what we’ve always known… Selling excellent products in an open and honest way and at a fair price just works. There’s no need for any underhandedness or skullduggery. But that’s not how everyone sees it.

Here at Men’s Locker we sell our own original products as well as more famous brands like the Male Edge (Basic, Extra or Pro) and the JES Extender (Original, Light, Silver, Titanium, Gold and Platinum). We think that’s a range that offers everything and that they’re the top products on the market.

We don’t offer the ProExtender penis enhancement device. That’s just a decision we’ve made as a business. It’s not something we want to offer to our customers as we’re not convinced it stacks up against our current available range. We don’t want to criticise the ProExtender system, though. Far from it. If you think it’s the product for you - don’t let us stop you buying one. We wish you the best with your choice.

But here’s the rub... If you do decide to buy a ProExtender - or any type of penis enlargement system for that matter - buy it from a reputable reseller. We can’t stress the importance of this enough. The market is flooded with fly-by- night websites hawking inferior counterfeited systems which are not only ineffective, they’re also often quite dangerous.

These lesser products are not rigorously tested and can potentially cause you some real damage. And this isn’t the kind of product you can afford to have go wrong on you.

So, then. Our advice? Basic but important: Don’t be caught out by fakes. Ask yourself these questions when you’re buying a penis enlargement system:

- Does the website look legit?

  • Do they offer genuine money back guarantees?
  • Are the products being sold at a price which suggest they’re ‘real’?
  • Do I want to take the chance on buying from China?

Don’t be afraid to buy a penis enlargement system. It may change your life. Just make sure you buy the right one from the right kind of reseller. We hope you choose us, but if you don’t - that’s fine. Just stay safe and be smart. 

Last update: Sep 20, 2017


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