Drastic measures to increase your penis size are not necessary

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Some of you may have read this story online recently. We thought that we would just add some perspective.

A 34 year-old man has taken some seriously drastic measures in his bid to enlarge his penis size. In a move that no one would recommend any man try at home, the Pakistani gent took testosterone injections directly INTO his penis. He did so for nine months, at some fairly great personal risk.

This extreme measure was not taken lightly, though. It wasn’t for cosmetic or self-esteem reasons that the man sought out the risky treatment. He was suffering from a very rare medical disorder called ‘Hypogonadism’, a condition which means that his body does not producing nearly enough testosterone. And the symptoms were pretty horrendous and debilitating.

He visited the doctor originally to complain that he had never grown any pubic or body hair. It was as if his body had almost never gone through puberty. He could not grow a beard and he complained of never having morning erections as most other men do. It was during this check-up that his rare condition was discovered...

The man was sent to the Aga Kahn University Hospital in the city of Karachi for treatment and doctors desperately looked for a solution. And soon it became apparent that the problem extended to the anonymous man’s penis size too. The lack of testosterone had resulted in his member never growing. He was 34 years of age and effectively had the genitals of a ten year-old boy.

Not only that, but he was unable to ejaculate, meaning that he would never be able to conceive and start a family. So he was desperate. Something needed to be done.

When the medical experts examined him, they found that the maximum size his stretched penis measured was 1.9 Inches long (or 5cms). This was half the length a man of his age could expect. His testicles were also half the size to be expected. So they put him on the rather drastic course of injections.

And, after nine months, they worked. His penis and testicles doubled in size. He now boasts a stretched member size of some 3.3 inches (that’s 9.4cm) in length. But only with nine months of these injections of testosterone from doctors. Sometimes painful, the course was extreme but it paid off. The doctors were unsure at first as it’s not without its risks, but it paid off for the man.

His testicles also doubled in size and he has slowly begun growing underarm and pubic hair. He is capable of ejaculating and, as such, having a child. Which, understandably, he’s very pleased about. But he’ll have to keep on having the painful injections in the future to keep up his testosterone levels.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-4577010/How-testosterone-make-penis-DOUBLE-size.html

Extreme conditions like Hypogonadism can be fixed with such measures, but if you’re concerned about your length, but do not suffer from any serious medical ailment such as Hypogonadism, testosterone injections are NOT recommended. Doctors will not okay it and you put yourself at great risk.

If you want a safe and tested method to boost your package, stick with traction and stick with us. Radical measures may seem tempting when you’re at your wits end, but they can be extremely dangerous and you risk a lot more than low self esteem and some embarrassment. You risk serious and permanent damage to your penis.

If you think you’re suffering from something like Hypogonadism, seek your doctor’s advice.

Last update: Sep 20, 2017


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