The Dangers of Penis Enlargement Surgery

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If you’re reading through our site, you’re probably one of many, many guys out there worried about the size of their package who are looking at their options. One of the forks in the road to a bigger penis is going under the knife and surgically enlarging your penis.

Penis enlargement surgery is a tempting route to take but many people are unaware of the risks involved . So before you decide which road to drive down, why not read our guide to why penis enlargement surgery is a road well worth avoiding...?

Cosmetic surgery, intended to increase penis length and/or thickness (or ‘girth’), began in the USA in the mid to late 1980s. It’s not exactly a cloak and dagger industry but facts and figures are not particularly easy to find on the practice. It’s currently thought that around 25,000 men in the United States have dropped their trousers and gone under the knife.

The actual surgery: Under a general or local anesthetic, the procedure should take around two hours. Many surgeons suggest a circumcision be performed at the same time to swerve the chance of the foreskin swelling post-op (which can last for quite a few weeks). Firstly, an incision is made just above the penis base. Then the ligament which attaches the penis to the pubis is cut and then reattached lower down. The penis then drops by an inch or two, suspending itself lower than normal. This gives the appearance of being slightly bigger when flaccid. Liposuction is then the order of the day with fat taken from your belly, things or backside, transferred to the penis to increase girth when erect.

But just what risks do you expose yourself to with penis enlargement surgery?

Risk #1: You may experience negative growth

It could shrink your penis! In almost 90% of fat injection-based surgical procedures, there is an amount of fat re-absorption by the body. In some cases, more fat is reabsorbed than was added, taking out existing fat cells and actually decreasing the size of the organ. Far from ideal!

Risk #2: Complications and pain

The risks associated with any surgical procedures are there too. There’s the possibility of complications arising from the use of anesthesia, infections from slicing into your body and loss of blood. And let’s not forget that the whole operation will be an extremely painful one. Patients are often in agony for months after the event.

Risk #3: Risk of deformities

Another potential risk is what your penis will end up looking like should the surgery technically go without a hitch. So just because you’ve avoided the infections and blood loss, it’s not necessarily plain sailing after that. Aesthetic issues like ‘scrotalisation’ could occur, where the penis appears to be coming out of the scrotum instead of slightly above it as it should. There could also be ‘dog-earring’ - or ‘puckering’ - at either side of the scar and even the formation of bumpy nodules all over the penis has been reported.

Risk #4: Impotence

The penis is a very complex part of the body with lots of nerves, veins, ligaments, muscles, blood vessels and tissue. You need to be as sure as you can be that your surgeon is 100% professional and will make absolutely no mistakes. Some patients have reported impotence after their operations, something that can only really be attributed to a stray scalpel...

Risk #5: Financial damage

It’s not just your health that could suffer. Somewhat less important (though not to your bank manager...) is the damage done to your wallet. The average enlargement surgery comes in around the 100,000 Rand mark. And that’s pretty dangerous for your finances!


While the instant results promised through penis enlargement surgery make it an attractive option, one should take heed of the significant risks involved. Cost aside, your penis may end up permanently and irreversibly damaged.

Last update: May 26, 2014


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