How To Up Your Dating Self-Confidence

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There are lots of different things that a woman might look for in a mate: good looks, a loving personality, maybe even money (each lady is different, of course). But there's almost always one thing that will attract females to you and that's confidence. Now they might not know it, but an easy charm in a chap, a calm assurance in his self can be a real factor in how keen women are in a man. After all, you can be the funniest, most handsome and loaded guy in the bar, but if you rate yourself poorly and mumble when you're talking to her, how's she going to find out?!

Now we're not talking about turning into some sort of douchebag who wears sunglasses indoors, flexes his muscles in girls' faces and carries huge wodges of cash in a money clip. Let's not confuse confidence with arrogance here. We're talking about you representing yourself fairly. But how can you do it? If you're a little timid and not exactly a smash hits with the ladies, how can you boost your confidence? Let's have a look at some of the top ways to do it, shall we?

Fake it until it becomes real. It doesn't matter if you're really confident or pretending to be confident to the person you're talking to. Provided you're convincing, you'll get the same effect and reaction. Blag it for long enough and you'll start reaping the rewards. Reap the rewards by increasing your skills with women and you'll confidence will up naturally. Good idea, hey?

Think about what makes you a good catch. Write a list of all the reasons you can think of that a woman might find you attractive or want to be with you. Be generous about yourself. Even daft things like 'nice eyes' or 'good manners'. Remind yourself why you might make a good boyfriend or husband and remember these points when speaking to a member of the fairer sex. You're NOT rubbish!

Work on the physical. If you look terrible, you'll feel terrible. Make sure you're getting your hair cut regularly in a decent style. Treat yourself to a wardrobe overhaul. Maybe even get yourself down to the gym or start exercising at home. Concerned about your appearance in the bedroom? If you're worried about your penis size, take a look at the products that we sell – maybe we can help. You don't need to spend every waking hour thinking about grooming and how you look, but it is quite important that you try your best and keep on top of your personal grooming.

Repeat, repeat, repeat. The key to getting anything right is to keep on practising until you succeed. Had a bad date? Go on another one! Been knocked back after approaching someone? Approach someone else! Slowly but surely – however bad you think you are with the ladies – you'll start to get better. Don't give up after failure. Learn from your mistakes. Don't be afraid to ask for feedback if she doesn't want to see you again. Don't get weird and demand answers, just politely ask what was up. If she says you came on too strong – be more easy-going on your next date. After a while, you'll see improvement and that'll boost your confidence no end...

Put a few of these tips into play and you'll find your self-confidence sky rocketing. You'll have more dates than a Moroccan greengrocer... Now get out there and put it into action!

Last update: Sep 22, 2012


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