12 Facts You Never Knew About The Human Penis!

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The humble penis. You get them on half the world’s population. They’re everywhere. They’re a vital part of the continuation of the human race. Yet they’re also the punchline to a million jokes. A focus of great pride and, simultaneously, great shame. But while we think we know all about the human penis, chances are - most of us don’t know the half of it.

What you guys are packing down there isn’t just a mass of flesh and gristle, you know. It’s a complicated tool that is capable of so much and holds all kinds of secrets. Now, whether you’re happy with what you got or not, well, that’s something we can help you with elsewhere on the Men’s Locker site. But for the moment? Let’s take a little time to celebrate the male member, shall we?

And what better way to raise a toast to the human penis that by exploring a few fascinating facts we’ll bet you never knew about them...

  1. On average, men can expect to have to deal with 11 erections a day. Luckily for our careers and social lives though, 9 of those will occur in our sleep.


  2. Every April 6th at the Kanayama Shrine in Kawasaki, Japan, the city comes together for ‘Kanamara Matsuri’ or ‘The Festival of the Steel Phallus’, a celebration of the penis. It started back in 1969 and has since become quite the tourist attraction.


  3. Human ejaculations contain approximately 1.5 teaspoons of semen. And if we say that the average man will climax 7,000 times in life, that’s a whopping 14 GALLONS (containing 50,000 calories)!


  4. There’s a specialist restaurant in Beijing which only serves animal penises. The place is called ‘Guolizhuang’ and it features over 30 different types of phallus on its menu. Now we know that, we’ll never eat chow mein out again.


  5. Most men see an increase of around 300% in size when they get an erection. And have between 8 and 10 times more blood pumped in when erect.


  6. Sexual health researchers have estimated than the number of men in the world with penises larger than 11 inches might be as low as just 5-10,000.


  7. The fatter you are, the smaller your penis will be. Or, at least, the smaller it will appear. Fatty build-ups around the shaft of the penis are responsible. For every 35lbs a man puts on, the fat hides precisely one inch.


  8. Australia’s Walibri tribesmen have an unusual way of greeting one another. They say hello to each other by shaking one another’s penises. Seriously!


  9. A dedicated collector called Sigurður Hjartarson owns 283 penises from 93 different species of animal. Including human. He shows off his collection at the popular tourist attraction, The  Icelandic Phallological Museum.


  10. 17th Century Italy saw the first recorded case of diphallasparatus, which is also known as diphallia. The condition sees men born with two fully-functional penises and has been recorded less than a hundred times in medical history.


  11. The largest penis ever recorded belongs to an American man called Jonah Falcon. He packs a hefty 13.5” erection, which is 9.5” long when flaccid.


  12. Foreskins can be used by surgeons when treating burns victims. Skin grafts made from just one foreskin can stretch to a staggering 4 ACRES!


So there you have it. Our equipment’s a lot more interesting and a lot smarter than we give it give credit for. We hope this list of fun facts has given you a little more appreciation for your penis.

If you’ve got a newfound respect but still want to try our proven traction-based penis enlargement system, then head on over to our products section and take a look at our range. We can’t wait to help you out...

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