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Anyone who’s ever had an email account (so that’s about 105% of you) will be familiar with the idea of a course of little pills boosting the size of your penis. The number one reason behind spam emails across the globe has had men putting their hands in their pockets for years. But while the contents of their wallets grow ever smaller, their members grow no bigger. Despite their impressive claims, penis enlargement pills just don’t work. There has never been any evidence to back up the added inches they brag of. In fact, not only do they not work, there are plenty of rather unsavoury side effects to these so-called ‘growth’ tablets...

The cost

Now, however much you spend on these little pills, it’ll be a waste of money. Whether it’s fifty Rand in a toilet vending machine or a couple of thousand for a few bottles of them bought online, you’re paying for ‘medication’ that won’t have the desired effect - it’s as simple as that. We could compare it to throwing money down the drain, but it’s worse than that; it’s throwing money into the hands of rip-off artists!

What the Hell is in them?!

You’ve not purchased them from a licensed practitioner or medical professional. So how do you know what the constituent ingredients are? Put simply, you don’t. Sure, they may detail what’s in them on the label but the chances are - it won’t be accurate. Some are a mixture of vitamins and herbs which should cause you no real harm (unless you happen to be allergic). But many penis enlargement pills have been found to contain harmful ingredients known to increase the likelihood of heart disease/attacks and seizures. And that’s not good.

General medical side effects

Most medications have side effects including possible headaches, nausea, sickness and upset stomachs. However, most drugs are tested and refined to strict laws and are 99.9% safe. Funny little pills made up in some guy’s garage aren’t. So if you want to avoid the chance of becoming quite badly ill, you’d do well to swerve these unregulated penile enhancement pills.

You’re wasting your time

Say you give the pills a shot for six months. Then they don’t work (and they won’t...). That’s all time you could have spent using an effective growth method like traction. And that’s time you won’t get back!

Spam emails are technically a crime

Sure, it doesn’t equate to a murder of bank robbery, but sending unsolicited emails en masse to people is against the law. If you reply and give money to those sending them, you’re encouraging them to use this aggressive method of illegal promotion. If might not seem like a big deal, but spam emailers and hackers and credit card fraudsters share information freely between them online. Today it’s a seemingly harmless email promoting sales of a pill, but who knows what online or identity crime you could be victim of next?

There’s no need to despair, though. Not all penis enhancement methods are hokum. There are a couple of proven and healthy ways to encourage growth downstairs. Why not have a look around the rest of our site to find out why penis traction is the most effective and safe method available for you.

Last update: May 26, 2014


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