Men with Peyronie's Disease are 43% more likely to contract cancer

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The human penis comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. And if a man is unhappy with the size or appearance of his, then it’s perfectly understandable when he decides to research what can be done about it. Most inquisitive men who find themselves tempted to undergo a medical procedure or try traction do so for size reasons. They want a bigger member. It’s all about penis enlargement. But for other guys, it’s all about the shape. Specifically, how straight their erection is.

Across the world, between 5-10% of all men suffer from an affliction known as Peyronie’s disease. It’s a connective tissue disorder which causes curvature to the erect penis. To varying degrees, depending on the severity of the condition. Obviously, this isn’t something that many men would want to suffer with, it can be, of course, very embarrassing. But the news seemingly gets worse. The issue isn’t just aesthetic or embarrassing. It can also be dangerous…

Dr Seth Rankin, the founder of the London Doctor’s Clinic and expert in Peyronie’s, explains the disease like this: “Peyronie’s disease is scar tissue in the shaft of your penis. It causes painful erections and very often a bend in your penis. Sometimes right angles or more. The bend usually comes later but not always.”

Now for the dangerous part... New research indicates that men with Peyronie’s are more likely to contract cancer in their lifetimes. Up to 43% more likely, in fact. The data comes from a new study conducted by the Baylor College of Medicine and found truly a shocking link between the condition and all different forms of cancer.

During the study, scientists monitored nearly two million men for a total of nine years. Some of the men in the study suffered with pre-existing conditions such as Peyronie’s disease and erectile dysfunction. While most of the other men taking part in the research were ostensibly ‘healthy’.

Compared to the men studied with no penis complaints whatsoever, those with Peyronie’s were anywhere up to 43% more likely to be hit with stomach cancer during that nine year spell, with 19% more likely to contract a form of skin cancer at some point and 39% more likely to suffer with testicular cancer.

Most erect penises will bend to one side to a small degree, but if your erection curves more than 15 degrees, you should consult your doctor and speak to them about it. While you’re there, tell them about the cancer research results and ask to be screened as soon as possible.

We can help you out with correcting the curvature with our range of traction-based penis enlargers. But we can only help with the straightening of the bend. The risk of cancer will still be there.

If you’re a Peyronie’s sufferer, it now seems it’s not just about appearance. You need to see your local GP and get their advice.

Last update: Nov 17, 2017


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