Penis Size Across the World

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Ever wondered whose packing the most heat across the world? Is it the Americans filling their underwear out the most? The Japanese? Maybe us South Africans...?

A new report from the scientific journal 'Personality & Individual Differences' has just been released and gives us all the clearest indication of average global penis sizes yet. The study employed a variety of different research methods to draw its conclusion and comes up with some interesting results....

Us South African boys do pretty well out of the study actually, finishing 7th (not bad when you consider that there's some two hundred odd countries on Earth!). Those lucky dudes in Congo finish top with an impressive average erection size of 18 centimetres. In fact, our whole continent fares pretty well. But it's bad news for the Koreans; North and South Korea finish joint bottom with average sizes measuring less than 10cm (which is around the four inch mark).

There's long been debate over whether different nationalities, ethnicities and body types affect average penis type, with stereotyping and potential accusations of racism threatening to overshadow research into the issue. But it now looks as though there are substantial size differences based on which country you happen to have been in.

Sure, this information is kind of neat and even quite funny. But surely there must have been a lot of work put into it? Well, yes. But with good reason. You see, this study wasn't commission just for a laugh. There is actually quite a bit of application for the data. Most notably, for the condom and prophylactic industry. Now they know how big everyone is down there, they can manufacture condoms to suit, reducing the risk of breakage or slippage and increasing the effectiveness of their products.

Here's a partial breakdown of the results with the average erection size in centimetres:

  • Republic of Congo, 18
  • Ecuador, 17.7
  • Ghana, 17.2
  • Colombia 17
  • Iceland 16.5
  • Italy 15.7
  • South Africa 15.2
  • Sweden 14.9
  • Greece 14.7
  • Germany 14.4
  • New Zealand 13.9
  • UK 13.9
  • Canada 13.9
  • Spain 13.9
  • France 13.4
  • Australia 13.2
  • Russia 13.2
  • USA 12.9
  • Ireland 12.7
  • Romania 12.7
  • China 10.9
  • India 10
  • Thailand 10
  • South Korea 9.6
  • North Korea 9.6

So those are the statistics. But 'small' is also a state of mind. While it can be useful to know how you measure up in comparison with the other men around you, if you're not happy in yourself and with what you're working with, it's little consolation. That's why we're here. If you're not totally satisfied with your equipment, why not take a look at a few of the things we can do for you...

Last update: Nov 08, 2012


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