The devastating effects of low self-esteem in men

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Low self-esteem can be a real drag. Nagging feelings of worthlessness and inferiority can make everyday life a struggle. Basic tasks are made twice as hard when a person has to fight against their own brain when it’s seemingly intent on convincing you that you’re no good.

A lack of self-confidence may well, traditionally, have seemed a plight that only women faced. Men, after all, are supposed to be big strapping hulks of brute strength, going about our business with an all-encompassing boldness and oodles of self assurance. But, as we all know, that’s just not always true, is it?

Men suffer from cripplingly low self-esteem every bit as much as women do. In fact, you could argue that the effects are worse in guys because of the social stigma attached to admitting facing a mental health issue.

But what are the effects of low self-esteem in men exactly? Well, let’s take a look…

Feeling Blue

Low moods are very often the first manifestations of this kind of problem. If you feel that you’re not a worthy individual, it’s highly likely that sooner or later it’s going to make you sad. No one wants to feel like the worst person out there, do they? There’s only so long you can feel miserable for before it really impacts your life and turns into a form of depression.

Increased Anxiety

If you don’t back yourself to be able to succeed, then you’re likely to become anxious. That job interview? You’re certain you’ll flunk it. That date? You just know that she’ll think you’re an idiot. That kind of thing.

You Let Yourself Go

Believe the dark thoughts that your subconscious tells you and you’ll soon start to give up on yourself. You’ll eat poorly, stop exercising and generally stop looking after yourself. Then you’re just giving yourself more ammo as to why you’re no good as a person.


If you don’t believe you deserve love or a good career or to achieve in life, then chances are - you won’t. A negative attitude bears rotten fruit. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

You Become Overly Defensive

Let’s imagine you’re giving a presentation at work. You inherently assume it’ll go badly and you’re not bright enough. You think you’re a fraud. Your boss asks an innocent question about what you’ve presented. You think he’s attacking it because he’s found you out. You snap at him. Trouble brews.

Lack of Assertiveness

It’s difficult to be strong willed in a position when you don’t think you’re worthy. And, eventually, you stop standing up for yourself. Powerless and afraid, your only way of speaking up and asserting yourself becomes through sarcasm and passive-aggressive behavior. Which then starts to isolate you socially.


You think you’re a terrible person. Your subconsciousness tells you as much. You desperately want to hear otherwise. So you demand others tell you. You become needy. Constantly seeking reassurance and a reminder that you’re a good person and that you are loved. Which is find to an extent, but soon becomes tiresome to the person you’re making all these demands of.

Reduced Sexual Performance

Anxiety, stress, low confidence… These are three HUGE triggers for sexual dysfunction. Impotence is just around the corner if you let your low self-esteem start to rule your life.

Relationship Issues

Think about it. If you don’t think you’re any good, how likely are you to persuade someone else that you are? Even if that’s not an issue, sooner or later how you feel about yourself will affect your other half. If you’re overly sensitive and feel you don’t deserve love, you’re asking for trouble.

Do you think shattered self-belief is having a negative impact on your life? If so, take some time to get to the root of the issue and try and combat it. You can’t let it rule your life. If it turns out you’ve feelings of inferiority and they’re connected to the size of your package, then maybe we can help. Have a look around a site and see what we can do for you. 

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