Size matters: What women REALLY think about penis size

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What women think about the size of their partner's penis has long been the speculation of males across the world. What do they really think?

55% of men are worried that their penis just isn't big enough. That's over half of all the chaps out there being pre-occupied with the idea that their package just doesn't measure up. We can't tell you if what you're packing down there is above or below average (only you and your measuring tape can do that!). But what we can tell you though, is a couple of things about what women really think about the size of the their partner's penis...

Recent research from Great Britain has shown that women do in fact show a preference for an average or slightly larger than average sized penis. Though crucially the majority of those women polled favoured a thicker, wider shaft over a longer one. And why is that? Well, according to medical experts, the majority of the nerve endings that cause pleasure for ladies during sex are found in the lowest part - the opening - of the vagina. So when a thicker penis, one with a bit of girth to it, pushes against the labia and lower vaginal walls, it provides a much more intense and pleasurable sensation for her.

Other studies have shown that women aren't totally obsessed with length and girth. But being below the average size can often be an issue. The trend from the studies we've read seems to say, 'it doesn't have to be huge, but we want average or above'.

Luckily for most of us, almost all research into the area has shown that, while they may look impressive, very well-endowed men tend to be a turn-off for women. Reports of pain and general discomfort during sex are often reported. So while that fella in the shower at the gym with the big chopper might be pretty pleased with himself, chances are his girlfriend's not!

All is not lost if, unlike Mr. Gym Shower, you do come in at below average. In bed, sexual confidence and technique can make up for things to a certain extent. Almost all women would agree that they would rather sleep with a modestly-proportioned man with sexual prowess that a human donkey that doesn't know what he's doing! But surely, the ultimate goal for a man is a combination of the two – to be a great lay and the owner impressive equipment that'll get the ladies' tongues wagging? Why not have a closer look at our site and see how we can help you achieve that...?

Last update: Jun 23, 2012

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