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Danny Southern
General Enquiries & Johannesburg Sales Rep (Available from 8am to 7pm, Mon to Fri)

Also available at these leading retailers

Medisport, Umhlanga Rocks

Address:Protea Mall, Chartwell Drive, Umhlanga Rocks
Tel:+27 (0)31 561 1227 / 561 1228


Wholesale Opportunities

If you would like to get in touch regarding wholesale opportunities, please call Danny on 074 047 2222 or contact us through the form below.

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To pay via EFT, please transfer the money into our account (details available here) and notify us either via email, SMS (074 047 2222) or through the form below.

Your feedback and comments are extremely valuable to us. Feel free to get in contact using the above information or send us a message through the form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours. Phone calls or messages are also welcome.

About Us

Menslocker was started in 2010 by Jon Leigh when he discovered this revolutionary method of enlarging the thing men are most obsessed about, your penis! Our distribution warehouse is located in Durban. We pride ourselves on offering you the best advice, best after sale support, the widest range of extenders in South Africa and a world-class delivery service.

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+27 (0)74 047 2222
+27 (0)74 047 2222


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