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The JES Extender Titanium penis extender is an extremely slick penis extender and is presented in a modern aluminum flight case. A Men's Locker favourite, the JES Extender Titanium extender is a solid extender made from actual Titanium, all this provides you with a sturdy, strong, traction penis extender. The JES Extender Titanium is an extremely rugged yet stylish product. Due to its quality and lifetime warranty, the JES Extender Titanium is a highly recommended penis enlargement device.

The JES Extender Titanium is guaranteed to enlarge your penis or twice your money back!

The JES Extender Titanium is suitable for penis sizes from 4 cm to 28 cm flaccid length and accommodates any size girth.

The JES Extender Titanium comes with the extra set of 1/2 inch elongation bars so you can really fine-tune your penis enlargement gains.

What's included with the JES Extender Titanium penis extender:

  • 1 x Lifetime warranty
  • 1 x Slick, compact aluminum flight case
  • 1 x Protection pad
  • 1 x JES Extender Titanium penis enlargement device
  • 1 x JES Comfort strap
  • 2 x Set 2" extension rods (JES Extender)
  • 1 x Set 1" extension rods (JES Extender)
  • 1 x Set 0.5" extension rods (JES Extender)
  • 1 x Set adjustment keys (JES Extender)
  • FREE Silcone tube worth R138
  • FREE Men's Locker foam comfort pad
  • Access to customer forum
  • Access to online training program

How to use the JES Extender Titanium penis enlarger:

You must use the JES Extender Titanium penis enlarger with your penis in the flaccid state. For maximum results, the device must be worn between 4 and 9 hours a day, taking a break every 3 hours. Results vary but most men see changes in the first two weeks and clearly noticeable gains after the first month.

Initially, you're penis will become slightly thicker due to the extra cell acitivty and then growth in length. Your penis will initially hang longer in the flaccid state and then later you'll start noticing the gains whilst erect.

The JES Extender Titanium has the threaded screw in bars in addition to a fine tuning adjustment mechanism so you can set the tension precisely.

The JES Extender Titanium penis enlarger is easy to use and is easy to take off. As with all our penis enlargers, it is very discreet, comfortable and can be worn under loose fitting trousers during the day. You can use the JES Extender Titanium whilst you go about your daily activities (walking, sitting and standing).


Feature Comparison
Adjustment Type Screw in shafts
Average Penis Girth Increase 19% or more
Average Penis Length Increase 28% or more
Comfort Pads 1
Custom Velcro Strap -
Extra Cushioning -
Instructional DVD Yes
Money Back Guarantee DOUBLE your money back
Packaging Aluminum flight case
Penis Sizes 4cm - 28cm flaccid
Protractor & Ruler -
Shaft Material / Plating Titanium
Silicone Comfort Straps 1
Warranty Lifetime

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