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Are you circumcised? Don't worry, you don't have to answer that (we won't be able to hear you anyway!). How do you feel about it? Unless it's tied in with a particularly bad memory or a painful complication, most men don't have that strong a feeling about whether they have a foreskin or not. After all, in day-to-day life, what difference does it make?

But just why would you part with your foreskin? As a young – or even slightly older – adult it may be because of a tightening of the foreskin, which can make sex uncomfortable. The procedure can also be something of a family tradition. A lot of people think that circumcised...

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Ever wondered whose packing the most heat across the world? Is it the Americans filling their underwear out the most? The Japanese? Maybe us South Africans...?

A new report from the scientific journal 'Personality & Individual Differences' has just been released and gives us all the clearest indication of average global penis sizes yet. The study employed a variety of different research methods to draw its conclusion and comes up with some interesting results....

Us South African boys do pretty well out of the study actually, finishing 7th (not bad when you consider that there's some two hundred odd countries on Earth!). Those lucky...

There are lots of different things that a woman might look for in a mate: good looks, a loving personality, maybe even money (each lady is different, of course). But there's almost always one thing that will attract females to you and that's confidence. Now they might not know it, but an easy charm in a chap, a calm assurance in his self can be a real factor in how keen women are in a man. After all, you can be the funniest, most handsome and loaded guy in the bar, but if you rate yourself poorly and mumble when you're talking to her, how's she going to find out?!

Now we're not talking about turning into some sort of douchebag who...

As men, you'll probably be fully aware by now that the fairer sex are a fairly enigmatic species. But while we're often left perplexed by them and their mysterious ways, there are some basic things that almost all women have in common. While some ladies might like a hulking beefcake, others might opt for hair-gelled pretty boys. Some don't mind what you look like at all (which is great news for some of us, eh?!). Some ladies might like their man to be the life and soul of the party, while others are more keen of the strong, silent type – the rugged old school man. There are some core qualities however, that you definitely need if you...

Dating can be a tricky ol’ game, can't it? It’s not always as straightforward as it might appear, wooing the ladies. Those strapping-looking fellas that ooze charisma in movies and TV shows might make it look easy, but we all know the difficult reality. But the good news is - improving your love life is really quite achievable. The trick is to know where you're going wrong and learn to improve how you act when you're on dates. So if you struggle with the dating game and you want to start turning those first into second dates, third dates and beyond, we're here to help!

We've decided to unveil the top ten reasons that your date...

Let's not kid ourselves, us men are an egotistical bunch. We're driven by our status, social standing and how other people see us. It may not be something to be particularly proud of, but we all care what others think of us. Especially women. There's lot of different things we're judged on: our jobs, our personalities, our cars, clothes, sense of humour, physique, you name it... Our packages? More than likely. Whether we actually are judged by women (or even other guys in the gym showers) or not, if you think your penis just doesn't measure up, then chances are that those negative feelings will leak into your overall...

What women think about the size of their partner's penis has long been the speculation of males across the world. What do they really think?

55% of men are worried that their penis just isn't big enough. That's over half of all the chaps out there being pre-occupied with the idea that their package just doesn't measure up. We can't tell you if what you're packing down there is above or below average (only you and your measuring tape can do that!). But what we can tell you though, is a couple of things about what women really think about the size of the their partner's penis...

Recent research from Great Britain has shown that women do...

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